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orientation (compass)

Compass and Accuracy stay at 0°.

- On the Dell Venue Pro, the compass is not yet working in Mango.  The most recent news is that this is by design.

Compass wants calibration and cannot be satisfied.

- You can hit the back button to dismiss the calibration pop up if the phone just can't seem to get calibrated. Try distancing the phone from sources of magnetism.  After you have dismissed the calibration screen, you may note the Accuracy text has a number above 20 degrees--until it's 20 or below, the device still wants calibration.

- It's-all-in-the-wrist technique:

- Consider trying this alternate calibration technique:

- I'm-dizzy technique ("major calibration") per HTC (thanks to Ron in AU for this info):

- If the problem persists, please contact support via the link in Park it! (on the Contact page).

Compass jumps wildly.

- Somes devices do not compensate for orientation.  Use the Level tool to center the bubbles (the phone oriented as if to take a picture of the ground) and then return to the Compass.  Move clear of any other electronic devices.

Compass says, "Compass Not Functioning".

- In pre-release versions of Windows 7.5, there are no new sensor drivers.  Upgrade to the release version.

Compass indicates North is wrong direction.

- Move away from any electronic devices or devices with magnets (e.g., motors).

[New] Compass is inaccurate but accuracy says 10%.

- The compass needs calibration but the phone does not realize it.  Shutdown the phone, launch a compass app like Park it!, calibrate if asked. 

The Marketplace issues a "Compatibility warning" with a message like "...your phone doesn't have: compass."  Don't all phones have a compass?

- Yes, your phone probably does have a compass.  The wording is misleading.  What your phone is likely missing is the compass driver.  If you got your copy of Mango directly from Microsoft, it probably doesn't have the drivers from your manufacturer.  For those of us with a Dell phone, we are currently out of luck.


Accuracy says "No Reading" or accuracy is low.

- Typically this is because there is little GPS satellite reception.  It is often difficult if not impossible to get a good signal indoors.  Please see our additional info.

Accuracy says "Location Disabled".

- Your phone's location setting may be set to off.  Go to your phone's Settings, Location, and make sure "Location services" is set to On.  If the problem continues, verify the Location Services setting in Park it! is set to Enabled.  Note this setting in Park it! is provided to conform to certification guidelines but should be set to Enabled for proper function of location tools.