Why do I get the message "Could not find EXIF data block"?

- The message usually indicates there is no location data in the photo (even though it may appear on the photo). You may have Location in Photos set to off. Please verify the following:

1. Launch "Settings" or Jack of Settings

2. Choose "applications" (skip this step if you have Jack of Settings)

3. Choose "photos+camera"

4. Check "Include location info in pictures I take"

Why is my compass continually indicating one direction in the car/plane/boat but it works outside?

- Electromagnetic fields in vehicles are strong.  Often just relocating the phone further from the engine is enough but there are other sources of interference in vehicles.

My location, altitude, city, weather, or speed are showing zero/nothing when they should not.  What gives?

- The most common problem with location is that Location Services is Off.  Go to your phone's Settings, choose "location", and make sure it says "turned on".

Why is my altitude changing a lot?

- Geo Cam relies on GPS to determine where your phone is.  It is often difficult, if not impossible, to acquire accurate satellite signals inside a building.