What happens if I exit the app while I have a countdown timer running?

- If you exit the app by pressing back, the countdown stops. If you go to another app or the Start screen, the countdown continues and you will get a "reminder" type of window when the countdown is complete.

Sun Times

A message appears stating, "Locaton is disabled...". How do I enable it?

- Tap the "..." in the lower, right corner of the screen. On the menu that appears, select "location: disabled".

The sunset or sunrise times are off by a matter of hours but the minutes are right. Why?

- Check the "local" page in Jack of Time and make sure your time zone is correct. The local timezone must be set correctly in order for sunrise and sunset to be calculated properly.

What is the elevation adjustment?

- As you go higher (imagine being in a tall building or on a hill), the sunrise appears earlier and the sunset occurs later. You can tap the elevation adjustment and it will roughly try to accommodate your elevation.

How is the elevation determined?

- Jack of Time uses your GPS to determine your elevation. Getting an altitude reading from GPS is more difficult than a simple location and may take a little longer and require a clearer view of the sky.

I don't see the elevation adjustment. Where did it go?

- If you are indoors or GPS satellite signals are otherwise blocked, Jack of Time will not be able to determine your elevation. This feature works best outdoors.

The sunset or sunrise times seem to be way off. Why?

- If you are surrounded by hills, mountains, trees, or other large objects, Jack of Time will not be able to compensate for these obstructions. The times are relative to the general horizon.