Live Tiles

How do I enable Live Tiles in Jack of Tools Pro?

- Live Tiles are only available in the full (paid) version of Jack of Tools Pro v1.2+.  You can pin a tile to your start screen in any version of Jack of Tools Pro.  To make it live, go to the Settings view and enable "Live Tile Updates".

What do the Live Tiles do?

- The Live Tiles provide limited Jack of Tools functionality right on your start screen.

When do the Live Tiles get updated?

- The Jack of Tools Pro background agent updates the tiles whenever it is called by Windows.  Generally, this occurs about every 15-20 minutes.

I get a NullReferenceException when I try to pin the compass or velocity tile.  What the heck?

- This bug was recently discovered and happens when the GPS returns a valid coordinate followed shortly by no coordinate.  The update is being submitted and should be fixed shortly.  In the meantime, please try pinning the Position or Altitude tile first so a valid coordinate gets stored before pinning the Compass or Velocity tiles.

Why don't the Live Tiles show info in real-time?

- Windows Phone only allows background agents to run for a very short time every so often.  This protects your phone from apps over using their background processing and using up your battery.

What does the time displayed on the Live Tile represent?

- When GPS data is available, the data's time stamp is displayed on the tile's back.

The time displayed on my Live Tile is more than 15 minutes ago.  What's going on?

- Using the GPS on a regular basis can use quite a bit of battery power.  Windows Phone updates the GPS occasionally so we can offer Live Tile functionality but it may not always be in step with the rate at which the tiles update.

What does each Live Tile display?

- Each Live Tile uses the latest GPS data and some combine this with the previous data to compute a delta.  For example, the Live Tile for the compass calculates your effective, average course by calculating the vector between the latest GPS coordinate and the prior one.